Chengdu fuyu technology co.,ltd shenzhen branch focuses on R & D for production, sales and service of high-end precision single-axis and multi-axis linear module slides, motion controllers, industry equipment. We have established three development platforms: precision parts assembly, intelligent control system and industrialized high-end intelligent equipment. After several years of development, it has a professional R&D and design team and has been providing industry experience and key technologies for China's manufacturing and industrial automation companies. At present, it has been certified by the relevant national departments: "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Dual-soft Enterprise". The intellectual property rights involved 2 invention patents, 32 utility models, 13 appearance patents and more than 20 software copyrights; Our products have obtained international related certifications, such as IP66, CE, ROHS, FCC certification.

Development History


Fuyu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Chengdu city, Sichuan Province.



We began to independently research and develop modules for the whole machine. The first 5-axis linkage intelligent detection equipment was launched, and the first online sales platform was set up.



FUYU Layout of the global market ,add new control product R&D, and obtained several patented technologies.



More than ten kinds of three major platform products have been modularized and mass production has started. After the cloudization of ERP information, online and mobile internet, offline direct sales, and distribution are more efficient in coordinating resources.



With the expansion of sales scale, the company made major adjustments, and the company's products were modularized and standardized to realize intelligent industrial production. Corporate management is streamlined, informatized and flattened to respond flexibly and efficiently to market demands.



Start to establish a global dealer system, to provide customers with more quality and faster pre-sale and after-sales service. For customer application scenarios, the development of industrial automation overall solution.



Cooperate with various automation industries, such as 3D robotic billboard for advertising. Company philosophy is ready to come out - Linear motion system intelligent products manufacturer.

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