FSK30 Micro trapezoidal screw linear slide
FSK30 Micro trapezoidal screw linear slide
  • Brand:FUYU
  • Model:FSK30
  • Lead :2mm/4mm/8mm/12mm
  • Screw type:Trapezoidal screw
  • Motor:35 Step Power
  • Trip: 20mm~300mm
  • Precision:0.05mm
  • Speed:≤250mm/s
  • Load:≤3kg
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【Technical Feature】

FSK30 Series are trapezoidal rods ball screw linear guides. With delicate design and strong practicability, FSK30 is the best choice for customers who require compact, light and micro modules.

【Range of Application】

Laser cutting machine, PV back sheet cutting engraving machine, transportation mechanical arm, assistant device, electric research test function demonstration, kinds of industrial automatic production line and kinds of precision machinery processing.


Module Dimensions
Technical Parameter


Use environment and precautions of linear module
working environmen working occasionavoid dust and corrosive gas
working temperature<80℃
humidity<80%RH  No condensation
keeping temperature-30℃~80℃

1.suggest set start stop acceleration and deceleration time of motor on controller, around 0.3~0.7s

2.recommend lubricate on time(monthly per time)  , advise lubricate with 3# lithium soap base oil

3.it's better to clean dust and debris  (per month) of linear guide

4.this product is not suitable to use with collision sensor, it's available to work with sensors;inductive sensor, electromagnetic sensor, photoelectric sensor


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