AMC4030Three Axia Controller
Product introduction Function introduction Instructions

Amc4030 motion controller is a general economic 3-axis motion controller developed by Chengdu Fuyu Technology Co., Ltd. Arm is used as its CPU core control unit, and more efficient motion control algorithm is used to make its control performance better.

Due to its precise and excellent motion control performance, the controller is especially suitable for high-speed motion travel occasions requiring efficient smooth point control, including XYZ console, packaging production line, CNC machine tools, woodworking machinery, production assembly line, electronic processing equipment and other equipment manufacturing industries.


Amc4030 controller can control up to 3-axis motor motion (stepper motor or servo motor) at the same time.

Amc4030 controller supports high-speed point motion control, round-trip motion control, segment motion control, return to origin motion control, etc.

Amc4030 controller supports reverse gap compensation function.

Use environment and precautions of linear module
working environmen working occasionavoid dust and corrosive gas
working temperature<80℃
humidity<80%RH  No condensation
keeping temperature-30℃~80℃

1.suggest set start stop acceleration and deceleration time of motor on controller, around 0.3~0.7s

2.recommend lubricate on time(monthly per time)  , advise lubricate with 3# lithium soap base oil's better to clean dust and debris  (per month) of linear guide

4.this product is not suitable to use with collision sensor, it's available to work with sensors;inductive sensor, electromagnetic sensor, photoelectric sensor

Download the manual of FSC single axis motion controller Download the manual of FSC single axis motion controller
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