FSC-1ASingle Axis Controller
Product introduction Function introduction Instructions

Fsc-1a single axis motion controller is an economical and general-purpose single axis motion controller newly launched by our company. It adopts arm Cortex-M0 core processor, which can effectively and accurately control the motion speed and distance of stepping motor and servo motor, and the standard configuration is equipped with digital tube and adjustable parameter buttons that can display motion parameters.

The controller can be upgraded to the Bluetooth control configuration (download and install the application program, currently only supports Android mobile phone terminal), or can be upgraded to remote control configuration (the remote control can be used to control the start and stop). Compared with most single axis controllers on the market, the controller's tuning and application scenarios are more simple and flexible, which is the best choice for linear motion product controllers.


  • 点动运动

  • 点位运动 (按照坐标走/按照指定的距离走)

  • 往复运动

  • 单程运动

  • 实现到点延时

  • 运动参数(速度、加速度与距离等)的显示与调节

  • 控制方式可升级为蓝牙或遥控

working environmen working occasionavoid dust and corrosive gas
working temperature<80℃
humidity<80%RH  No condensation
keeping temperature-30℃~80℃

1.suggest set start stop acceleration and deceleration time of motor on controller, around 0.3~0.7s

2.recommend lubricate on time(monthly per time)  , advise lubricate with 3# lithium soap base oil

3.it's better to clean dust and debris  (per month) of linear guide

4.this product is not suitable to use with collision sensor, it's available to work with sensors;inductive sensor, electromagnetic sensor, photoelectric sensor

Download the manual of FSC single axis motion controller Download the manual of FSC single axis motion controller
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